Happy Feet: Poultry Pack

Nickel City Pet Pantry


  • Try  the "Happy Feet - Poultry Pack" from Nickel City Pet Pantry, your pet's new favorite snack! This carefully curated assortment features two turkey feet, two chicken feet, and two duck feet, all sourced from healthy, free-range birds. Each foot is naturally dried to preserve its rich flavor and nutritional value, making it a crunchy and satisfying treat that your pet will love. Not only are these treats delicious, but they also serve as excellent chews, promoting dental health by helping to clean your pet's teeth as they gnaw. This pack offers a great way to introduce your pet to a variety of tastes while ensuring they receive essential proteins and nutrients. So why wait? Give your furry friend the gift of pure poultry pleasure with the Happy Feet - Poultry Pack" today!