About Us

I've been a pet lover my whole life.

When I was 6 months old, my parents adopted our cat Christie, who was a beloved member of our family until she passed when I was a senior in college. Throughout the years, we had other cats too, as well as two dogs, Corky and Tucker.

Shortly after graduating from college, we adopted a dog from the local shelter, a white lab mix named Millie. Millie suffered terribly from allergies her entire life, primarily ear issues. The vet would clean them out and prescribe ointments, but they never suggested trying different food or anything holistic.


Back then, I never really considered the food we bought. It was a major brand name and generally speaking, I picked my pet food the same way I pick my wine - not the cheapest, not the most expensive, and an attractive label.

Fast-forward to six years ago when my family started fostering dogs through a local rescue. In working with this group, I learned much more about the pet food industry and reading ingredient labels. I realized that the food we bought for all those years for our dog Millie was essentially fortified chicken-flavored corn, and the likely cause of her allergies. At the very least, they didn't HELP her allergies.

Bo's Slow Cooked Pet Food

What our pets eat affects their lifelong well-being, and our pets' well-being has such a profound effect on our own emotional well-being. This was the inspiration for Bo's Slow Cooked Pet Food, our private label house brand of pet food.

It's slow-cooked in small batches at lower temperatures, increasing digestibility and palatability. While the brand name itself is our own, our manufacturer has been producing premium pet foods for three generations. They have an outstanding reputation for quality, with no recalls on any of their brands throughout their history.

By working directly with a trusted US manufacturer, we're able to provide our customers with high quality pet food directly off the production line. The food is made, tested for quality control, and delivered directly to Nickel City Pet Pantry. Our pet food doesn't sit on shelves in distribution warehouses for months on end, potentially subjected to varying temperatures and humidity levels, and you don't ever have to worry about receiving expired products.

Carefully Curated Products for Your Pets

We're not your traditional pet supply store. There are so many options for pet food and treats on the market, some of them safe and some of them not so safe. Our goal is to offer a carefully curated selection of safe, trusted products for your pets and combine that with free, convenient home delivery. Make your selections online and we'll personally deliver to your door within two business days. We're always adding new products, so check back often, and please don't hesitate to ask if there's something in particular that you're looking for.