I've never heard of this brand of pet food before. Is it safe for my pet to eat?

Yes! While the brand name itself is new, the manufacturer of our food has been a safe, trusted provider of quality pet foods for three generations. They are committed to quality, safety, and reliability, and they have never had a recall in the history of their business. This is not by luck; raw ingredients and finished products go through multiple levels of testing to ensure safety for your pets. The manufacturing facility is APHIS EU-certified, and their management team is also HACCP and HARPC certified.

My vet warned me against using “boutique” brands of pet food. Is Bo's considered a “boutique” brand?

Your vet has every reason to be concerned. The pet food industry is not tightly regulated in the United States. Our manufacturer works closely with industry expert Dr. Tom Willard to develop formulations that will ensure proper nutrients for your pets. All of our products are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO.

When do you make deliveries? Can I place an order and receive it the same day?

We deliver throughout the area Monday – Friday.  Our goal is always to deliver as soon as possible. We try to combine deliveries and generally will do Northtowns deliveries one day and Southtowns deliveries the next day. Please try to place your order at least two days before you need food. If you place an order on Monday, for example, you will receive it no later than Wednesday. If you place an order on Friday, you will receive it by Monday. If you place an order on Saturday or Sunday, you will receive it no later than Tuesday.  


However, if you forget to re-order in time, please call or text us at (716) 393-7616. We're often able to accommodate last-minute orders.

Do I have to buy pet food in order to get free delivery? 


No! We have many customers who order treats and chews only. We just request a minimum order of $10 to qualify for free delivery. 


I'm really loyal to another brand, but I love the idea of free delivery and supporting  a local small business. Do you sell other brands of food?


We have the ability to special order a wide variety of products. Please contact us by phone at (716) 393-7616 or email at info@nickelcitypetpantry.com for information on pricing and availability for other brands of pet food.