Teef! Protektin42 Dental Prebiotic for Dogs



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Is your furry family member’s halitosis getting in the way of your relationship?

Dog breath doesn't just stink, it's the first sign of dental disease, the #1 illness in pets, which can lead to serious health issues and a shorter lifespan. 

Invented by a microbiologist after she almost lost her new 10-year-old rescue pup to blood infection caused by dental decay, Protektin42™ is a patented prebiotic formulation (in powder form) for dogs that targets the root cause of gum disease where it lives...below the gumline.  

Protektin42™ takes an entirely different, safer approach to daily dental care. Containing only 4 pure ingredients (no additives, chemicals, colors, or preservatives), Teef's formula works synergistically on oral bacteria to naturally improve the oral microbiome. P42 is clinically-proven to stop the growth of destructive, disease-causing bacteria while growing beneficial, protective bacteria essential for dental health.

Cruelty-free. Teef's prebiotic technology was originally developed for humans, so their products are human-tested and pup-approved. Safe for cats, too!

1 unit includes:
  • One 0.25 oz jar with 30 servings of Protektin42™ in a gusseted ziplock pouch
  • Desiccant in jar for moisture control (do not remove)
  • Serving scoop (.15cc) 
  • Product information & instruction pamphlet
  • Peace of mind